Vanity Made Glamourous!

Hello!!! It has been way too long! I did a few projects over spring break so there will be plenty of posts to come! My latest, and shortest, is how I updated my vanity. I had a black vanity that I bought in Virginia for my little bedroom but now I wanted to update it to something white and elegant. In my mind, I want my room to look like Jaclyn Hill’s soooooo I’m going to try the best I can to do that! If you don’t know who Jaclyn Hill is, then you need to check out her YouTube account here…. seriously you’ll be addicted to her makeup videos! ANYWAY – here is what I came up with… Continue reading


Hey, it’s me! First entry!

Hello! My name is Jocelyn and I am a 27 year old teacher from Apollo, Pennsylvania. I just moved in with my wonderful boyfriend, Randy, a few months ago. He asked to move in when I wanted to move back to Pennsylvania at the end of my first year teaching in Fairfax, Virginia. YAY! Together forever now! Our house in Apollo, PA is a 1901 3,200 sq ft diamond in the rough and needs remodeled… and I mean COMPLETELY reimagined, relived, and reloved. While our house needs renovated, we also have two dogs and a cat and Randy has two children. So, this is our journey together on renovating our 1901 house into a contemporary home.

We haven’t started too much around the house yet… we just reimagined – relived – and reloved our tiny bathroom on the main floor. It was pig skin pink. Yes. pig. skin. pink. SUPER AWFUL. Everyday when looking at it… I just kept thinking that we had to change it. So we did! In about a weekend… more details later 🙂 I have been getting into a lot of DIY projects. I LOVE going to my local thrift store and finding old furniture to repurpose. I have recently discovered chalk paint! OMG do I love it! I will be sharing those soon!

I hope you enjoy the start of my blog and my journey through our renovations. I can’t wait to reimagine, relive, and of course, relove my home with you.